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Dog Racing FAQs

How often does a greyhound race?
On average, greyhounds race once every 4 days.

What do the greyhounds chase?
Greyhounds chase a mechanical lure. The lure is usually a stuffed rabbit attached to a bar that travels around the track. The mechanical lure makes a noise as it circles the track and the greyhounds chase the lure by sight and by sound.

Why do greyhounds wear muzzles?
Greyhounds wear muzzles while racing to protect the them from injury. The muzzles prevent them from fighting during the race. Muzzles also help in identifying the winner of close photo-finish races.

What happens to the greyhounds when they retire?
Most greyhounds are adopted as pets after they retire from racing. Others are used for breeding and some are euthanized.

Is racing natural for greyhounds?
Greyhounds are instinctively competitive. When racing there is no stimulus other than the mechanical lure to make the greyhounds run. The animal's natural instinct when the starting box opens is to chase the lure, and try to reach it first, greyhounds love to run.

How old are greyhounds when they begin racing?
Most greyhounds begin racing at a year and a half, and continue until four years old. Some will race beyond their fifth birthday.

Is racing safe?
Yes. If a greyhound is injured the track has a Vet and is equipped to attend to the animal straight away. Prevention of injury is a top priority and the industry has funded extensive research into methods for ensuring the safety of racing greyhounds while they are competing

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